Welcome to the campaign world of The King’s Bounty. This is a game designed for a group starting at level 1, who are ready to slowly make their marks on the world. The game is intended to have an even mixture of role-playing and battle, with an emphasis on problem solving. Even though the player characters are low level, they are still seen as exceptional. While the populace will not bend over backwards for them, there is a visible element of promise that each character conveys. They are not heroes as of yet, but they certainly have the potential. People with a character class a rarity in the game world, which leads to great expectations.

Players are encouraged to pick a race and class that feels comfortable for them (please see the Character Creation guide for more information as to what is and is not allowed in this game, and for some overall guidelines on how things fit into this world).

4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons has split the classes into 4 “roles”. Defender, Leader, Striker and Controller. I would venture a guess and say that all 4 roles are not necessary for success in this game, but a healthy coverage will make it an easier go of it. I would also encourage players to consider making well rounded and multi-faceted characters. While there is something to be gained for becoming a super specialist, I think that given the fact that game time will be divided amongst combat, character/npc interaction, puzzles, traps, tracking, etc… a hyper specialist (let’s say just in combat) will likely be bored a good amount of the time.

The campaign world is being kept deliberately small, and the missions/quests will, at least initially, be on the small scale as well. I don’t want to have to spend a ton of time fleshing out an entire game world that may or may not come into play, so I will keeping the party into a fairly small area for their adventuring careers. In previous games I have asked the party to go “all out” with outlandish character ideas and to pick and choose what they want. This time, I would like to keep things smaller in scale, and a little more sensible. I am who I am, and I doubt I could ever make a 100% serious game, but I am hoping to have a less farcical tone than what was previously played. :)

The King's Bounty

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