The King's Bounty

Bounty #1 - The McGraw Boys

After a night of drinking, it seems that the McGraw boys (Tim and Todd), a pair of young loggers, got in a fight with another logger, Bo Duke, over a girl. After Bo gave them a licking, one of the McGraw boys pulled out a shiv and stuck Bo in the gut. They have been on the run ever since.

The bounty offered is 20 gold for them being hauled in, in good shape. 10 gold if there shape ain’t quite so good.


The PCs went out after the McGraw boys and attempted to bring them in. They brought along Crazy Steve as a guide. Unfortunately, Crazy Steve was killed in an ambush.

The PCs found a hut in the wilderness where a brutally savaged victim was trapped inside. They were later involved in a pitched battle with a pair of archers. The party managed to capture one, but the other got away. During the battle, the log cabin was set ablaze with the victim inside, though the party managed to rescue him, but not before he suffered some burns.

There was some confusion as to who was whom, so the party tied up both men and brought them back to town. As it turns out, neither man was one of the McGraw boys.



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