The King's Bounty

Bounty #2 - Wolf Pelts

There is a standing bounty on wolf pelts in the area. Alabaster is offering 5 silver per wolf pelt brought in, and the party is free to do whatever they like with the pelt after he’s seen it.

Strangely, Alabaster did not seem overly thrilled about having to hand out this Bounty.


After meeting a very large and magical fey wolf in the forest, some new information was given to the party.

It seems that there is something that is causing the some wolves to transform from their normal grey colour, to a coal black, which also seems to increase their size and aggression. The fey wolf has asked the party to investigate this, indicating that the Mine may be the source of the trouble. The party then pledged to investigate. The fey wolf has also ordered the party not to attack any of the normal grey wolves, but should strike down any “corrupt” black wolves they encounter.

After talking to Alabaster, he indicated that this should be considered a priority.



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